Wednesday, September 17, 2014

how to watch netflix outside the US using DNS redirection services

Today we will be reviewing the top DNS redirection service providers that will let you watch netflix outside us. It may be useful for a small thing like even unlocking a service like Netflix in your country or even to increase your security and anonymity while surfing the web.  DNS redirection services are actually highly secure when you compare them to your daily use of proxy. The DNS redirection services provided below are highly trusted ones who don’t go through the traffic passing through their servers. When you use some VPN services you find online which will give you access to streaming channels like Netflix or Hulu which is not supported in your country you can’t actually access all the blocked content, this is where DNS redirection services come into play. These servers will let you connect to these streaming networks anonymously, securely and for a some very affordable prices! These DNS proxy servers don’t encrypt the servers and thus the data transmission is very high even when the servers are located far away.

List of the top DNS Redirection Services to watch netflix outside of USA

As I’ve mentioned above this post will have a list of top DNS redirection services with their pros and cons, and in the conclusion section below you’ll see the entire comparison of these providers. Let’s start with: 


Unotelly is one the top DNS proxy service provider. They’ve been in the business for a long time. The biggest pro of the company and why all people love Unotelly is their feature of no bandwidth restrictions. UnoDNS provides servers in every corner of the globe and they're all running on Amazon's EC2 cloud computing platform, this lets you stream channels are very high speeds.

Pros of the Unotelly

  1. No restrictions on the bandwidth of their servers.
  2. The speeds of their servers are high when compared to others.
  3. Awesome customer care support.
  4. They have a clean, minimalistic and elegant user interface for the users.
  5. 98% Customer Satisfaction Rate.

Cons of the Unotelly DNS proxy servers:

I myself personally found their pricing tables a little weird. They only have 2 simple plans – Premium and Gold, which is simple for some people. But the people who want a little more than the Premium pack and a lot less than the Gold plan, would have to just go for the Gold plan.
They have a 7-day money back guarantee- this is not necessarily a con, but the providers mentioned below even have up to 30 days of money back guarantee.


Once you hear the name of the company you can probably guess that this website is a DNS redirecting website that gains you access to Netflix. But it doesn’t stop there. The service Getflix allows you to access, stream, manage accounts on almost every streaming website out here like Netflix (of course) Hulu, Amazon Prime, BBC, iPlayer and many other streaming players. They also use the Smart DNS technology instead of the VPN technology to let you stream these services. 

Pros of Getflix:

  • Has a wide range of compatible devices (Android, iOS, Apple TV, Windows and much more).
  • It has no software to install on your device.
  • 2 weeks free trial.
  • You can cancel the service anytime, without paying anything. 
  • [Bonus] 15% addition discount if you like their Facebook page.
Things we didn’t like so much with the Getflix

The service doesn’t have an option where you can add new streaming channels to this. The users are limited to a number of streaming channels where as some smart DNS providers let you add more. 

Smart DNS Proxy

This is one the first companies who came up with an alternative to VPN services to open stream access and manage content in streaming channels like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime and much more. I must say, I am very impressed with this company because they’ve been working hard for a long time to reach this state.  They’ve spent a lot over advertising and made us all know about them for good. 

Pros of the Smart DNS Proxy:

  • Just like every other DNS Redirector mentioned here, they also have the 14 days free trial where you can try the service for free.
  • The security is much higher when compared to other providers.
  • They have a developers section in their website where you can get free access to their API. I’ve never seen this in any other provider.
  • The customer care is good with 24 x 7 support.
  • You also have the ability to request to unblock a streaming channel of your own choice.
  • The affiliate program appears to be a big win for the affiliates associated with Smart DNS proxy.
The Cons of the Smart DNS Proxy:

The pricing is actually a little high when you compare it with other DNS companies. Now, taken to consideration they bring out an marvelous product we all can use -  I believe they can still reduce their pricing.


I myself personally didn’t use it a lot until I heard an experience of Unlocator from one of my friends. I then started to use Unlocator and I was pretty happy with the experience. This is also one of the top trusted sites people use for proxy and for unblocking streaming networks. Here is my list of pros and cons of the service. 


  1. They have a very affordable pricing. 
  2. The security provided in this server is good considering they’ve mentioned they never take a look at the traffic passing through the server.
  3. Like all others, the Unlocator also doesn’t need any software to stream your favorite streaming channel. 
  4. The bandwidth of the servers by Unlocator is pretty fast. 
  5. The email support is very fast; I got my issue resolved in a few minutes.

Unlike all other DNS proxy providers they let you try their product for free only for 7 days and not 14 days. 
The number of streaming channels that can be unblocked by this service (107) is low when compared to other providers.

Cactus VPN

Many people actually don’t get exposed this awesome provider named Cactus VPN. They provide VPN services as well as Smart DNS proxy servers. The special feature of this is the speed, when I ran some tests with other Smart DNS providers; this appeared to be very fast. Cactus VPN also special feature where you can unblock and stream 2 channels from different parts of the world (US and UK) – which means you can watch Netflix (US) and Hulu (UK).

Pros of the Cactus VPN

  1. They provide a good security options for their servers.
  2. The anonymity in their servers is guaranteed with their special technological feature called tunnels (which most of the Smart DNS proxy providers use).
  3.  7 day free trial to check out the Smart DNS feature.
  4. They have an amazing – easy to use client’s portal.
  5. You can suggest websites to get unblocked in the server (You don’t get this feature in many of these smart DNS proxy providers).
Cons of Cactus VPN

You only get to sign up for a 7 day free trial.
They don’t refund for speed issues – Now the speed maybe a issue to some people (it wasn’t an issue for me) but if it is, you’ll get no refund.
You’ll have to install some software to run it on some servers whereas in other proxy servers you don’t have to.


This is has been one of the very huge VPN providers who have no jumped into Smart DNS too. They have a very good name among the users as they actively participate in social media. I myself personally follow them in twitter as they get to me the latest updates. Many of the providers mentioned above only let’s you unblock streaming channels like Netflix or Hulu but Unblock-us let’s you unblock many channels like sports channel by default.

Pros of Unblock-us

  1. They have a very good, fast customer care service.
  2. They have an easy user interface we can all use.
  3. No software is used to run the service.
  4. You can even view what is on streaming on their servers now, select your favorite show and start streaming.
Cons of Unblock-us Smart DNS service

If I had to be very true, I didn’t find any cons with their servers and am really pleased with them. However if you wish to take a look yourself you can try their free trial right now. 
The speed maybe a issue for some customers, but when you contact them they fix it at once.

The Comparison
Provider Name:    Value for PriceUser Interface  Support after sales  Security         Anonymity        Free Trial                Total     
Unotelly       3/5          4/5            5/5      4.5/5        4.5/5    For 8 days            21.0
Getflix       4/5          3/5          4.7/5       5/5         4/5   For 2 Weeks        20.7
Smart DNS Proxy        4/5        3.5/5       5/5              4.3/5       4.5/5   For 2 Weeks        21.3
Unlocator       5/5         4/5            4/5      4.2/5         4/5    For 1 Week        21.2
Cactus VPN       4/5         5/5            4/5      4.1/5         4/5    For 2 Weeks        21.1
Unblock-us       4/5         3/5            5/5       5/5        4.5/5    For 2 Weeks        21.5

The Conclusion for watching netflix outside usa

We’ve arrived to the section where the post is going to end. Even though there are a lot of VPN services out there you can use for unblocking these servers, the VPN companies themselves suggest us to use the Smart DNS servers. Yes, there are a lot of free VPN services out there you can use to get access to these servers, but most of the time – you easily get caught and your account gets suspended. You can even use online proxy servers to get access to these but then they can’t promise you security and anonymity. 

If I had to come down to the best Smart DNS proxy providers from the above list, I can’t actually select one. I myself personally used all the services I mentioned above and I am currently happy with Cactus VPN. My suggestion would be try out all the servers mentioned above because the speed they provide may vary from place to place so when you try it out, you’ll get a better idea. Also, all the providers mentioned above don’t require your credit card information.  I hope you settle with the best smart DNS proxy server that’ll get you access to your favorite streaming channels.
When you buy a service make sure you use all of their features (For example: some of the providers mentioned above let’s you download a free chrome browser plug-in so you can use it on the go). Let us know what service you’ll be buying / have already bought in the comment section below #Peace!